Aerospace parts marking

Marking Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

Due to the wide variety of formats, materials and type of parts made, aeronautical manufacturers need flexible marking solutions to ensure compliance of the strict demanding rules related to the identification and traceability of their high tech-precisssion and critical use components.

Datamark has extensive experience providing aerospace industry parts manufacturers the best solution for their specific marking needings and according to international aerospace standards required.

  • Airline industry’s (ATA, A4A) Spec 2000
  • AIM-DPM (Automatic Identification and Mobility association’s standard on Direct Part Marking).
  • SAE International’s marking standard AS9132.
  • Rolls-Royce JES and RRES standards.
  • US Department of Defence (DoD) UID standards.

Datamak offers the best marking solutions for aerospace manufacturers:

  • 2D Data Matrix marking & identifications systems.
  • Parts and components serialization & traceability.
  • Nameplates and tags marking.
  • Composites Marking.
  • Turbine Blades Marking.
  • Engine Components Marking.
  • Tooling Marking.
  • Assembly Tool Tracking and Traceability.